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Kitty Cat Sitter

Hello and thanks for visiting. My name is Patty, and I deeply and truly love both kitty cats and small dogs.* It is my pleasure to care for and protect your furry babies while you're away!

I guarantee loving care for your cat and/or dog as if s/he were my own. This includes a warm greeting, ear scratching, belly rubbing, playtime, brushing/combing and whatever else your pet needs to feel loved and cared for.

It is my promise to spend a full 1-hour with your cat and/or dog each visit - and provide house sitter services too! I offer full 1-hour visits because 30 minutes are barely enough time to provide usual sitter tasks and give your pets the attention, affection, playtime and tender loving care (TLC) they want & need.

Serving food and fresh water, doing litter scoop/change, going on dog walks, and performing house sitter duties (bring in mail/newspaper, manage trash/recyclable bins, water plants, etc.) take ~15-20 minutes. This means – because most sitters conduct only 30-minute visits – just 10 minutes remain to play with your pet and give him or her the love, attention and TLC your pet deserves.

After each visit, I review photos & videos taken and email the "best of" to you. This way you see your feline and canine babies every day while you're away!

House Sitter services included. Read More >

*NOTE: I enjoy caring for small dogs (weight 20 lbs or less.) Please call, I will be there for you!

702-786-4572 patty@kittycatsitter.com

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